Don't Quit

Don't Quit

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Collection.

So today I was singing a song in the shower.. Had this song stuck in my head all morning. It was Part of Your World from the movie the Little Mermaid. Here's the clip if you don't remember. :-)

So Ariel had a collection of things and so do I. So here's my collection...

01/29/11- Day 4 "Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat? Wouldn't ya think my collection's complete? Wouldn't ya think I'm the girl; The girl who has everything?"- Little Mermaid "Part of Your World" or in other words "My Peanuts gang collection"

Yeah it might look like a big collection but that isn't all the Peanuts things I have. This isn't including my Peanuts doll, pillow, puzzles, or any of my Christmas decorations and ornaments as well as another statue and mug/cup that I forgot to put in the picture. lol. Yes I am a big Peanuts fan. :-)

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