Don't Quit

Don't Quit

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Number 2 - CSUN Parking spot

So today I was quite tired. Was at CHLA from 9-12am and then class at CSUN from 4-6:45pm. Drove a total of 93.34miles today! And in all of that I had to find a picture to be taken for my 365 days photography and I found one just before I left CSUN. Almost thought I wasn't going to find one since it was so dark leaving campus and I was so tired but I did. Might not be the best but Hey you can't say I didn't try. :P

01/27/11 - Day 3 "Number 2" -CSUN Parking spot

I was a lucky girl today at CSUN. Found a parking spot on the 2nd level of the parking structure! Woot! This bright number 2 was right above my car so I decided that it would be the picture for today. :-)

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